Protecting Employees From Gender Harassment For Over Two Decades

Bullying has no place in society in California, especially not at work. When co-workers or supervisors mock, taunt or disparage you because of your gender, it can quickly create an unhealthy atmosphere that makes you feel unsafe while on the job.

No one should have to face demeaning comments for their gender identity. At Teren Law Group, we stand up for your workplace rights by providing strong advocacy after instances of gender and transgender discrimination and harassment at work. Our attorney, Ms. Pamela Teren, previously worked as a defense attorney in employment law cases. She understands the potential pitfalls that can arise during a legal case, and she develops strong arguments that can stand up to the rigors of a courtroom.

How Is Gender Harassment Different From Sexual Harassment?

Some people may lump sexual and gender harassment together. However, both are unique, and it is important to understand the differences between the two. Sexual harassment applies to offensive conduct based on sex, such as explicitly sexualized conduct. This can include unwanted physical advances, touching or being exposed to graphic images.

Co-workers or supervisors may aim gender harassment at a person's gender identity or when an employee may not transgress to traditional gender roles. This type of harassment is not explicitly sexualized in nature. Common forms of gender harassment may include:

  • Physical altercations, assault or interference
  • Gender-disparaging comments or images
  • Sexist jokes and slurs
  • Insulting and demeaning comments about other genders

You Are Not To Blame

It can be easy for some workers to feel like they did something wrong to provoke the harassment. They may worry about coming forward and speaking up. You should know that harassment is not your fault. At our office, we focus on empowering our clients to feel better about themselves and to fight back against those who wronged them. Our attorney has produced positive outcomes in more than 90 percent of her cases, and she is ready to bring that track record of success to your case.

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