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When does someone have a valid wrongful termination case?

If you've been terminated from your job, it's natural to turn your immediate focus to finding a new position. While this is important, you should also focus on the details surrounding your termination.

A wrongful termination is any firing that results in your employer violating local, state and/or federal laws.

Here are some of the many things that can result in wrongful termination:

  • Discrimination: There are federal laws that protect employees against all forms of discrimination, such as age, race, religion and gender. Many states and local governments also have discrimination laws.
  • Harassment: In addition to discrimination laws, there are those to protect you against harassment based on the same categories. For example, remarks about your appearance may fit into the category of sexual harassment. If you're terminated as the result of harassment, such as after reporting it to your HR department, you may have legal grounds to take action.
  • Retaliation: Employers are not permitted to terminate an employee for participating in a protected practice, such as blowing the whistle on illegal behavior or safety violations.

Did you sign an employment contract?

If you're terminated, don't hesitate to review your employment contract. This should outline a variety of details, such as the steps your employer must take to terminate your employment.

Here are some important questions to answer as you review your situation:

  • Does your written contract establish reasons for termination?
  • What does your employee handbook say about termination?
  • Did your company owner or supervisor make any verbal promises associated with your employment?
  • Do you have proof that your employer stated you could only be terminated for specific reasons?

It's hard enough to lose your job. If you suspect wrongful termination, your frustrations will go through the roof. Rather than put this in the past and move on with your job search, it's important to review the details of your termination.

Upon doing so, you'll have a clear idea of whether your employer committed a violation. Depending on your findings, you will want to learn more about your legal rights in California and how to protect them.

Visit our website and read our blog for more information and advice pertaining to wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment and related subject matter.

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