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Reasons people neglect to report harassment

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is very common in the workplace. Some studies have said that it happens to 30% of women; it can also happen to men.

Despite how common it is, the issue often flies under the radar. One reason for this is that people just do not report it when it happens. When they know it’s wrong, why would they neglect to file a report?

One reason is that they simply do not think that the proper support system is in place. This worries them. They don’t know where to start.

Often, a big issue is that they worry about keeping their job. They think that reporting someone — especially someone in a position of power over them — is just going to get them fired. If that’s the end of it, are they willing to risk their job? Many people are not.

Additionally, some think that even when an investigation gets carried out, it won’t be thorough. They think that those who committed the harassment will not be punished. If there is very little for them to gain and everything — professionally speaking — to lose, that keeps them from filing a report.

It’s time to fight back against some of these myths and issues. Those who get harassed do have legal protections against retaliation and termination, for instance. There are steps they can take to start an investigation and work toward justice and safety in the workplace.

When people truly understand what options they have, it may help them move past their reservations and file the report. If you’re in this situation, be sure you know what steps to take.

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