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Discrimination in the workplace takes many different forms

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Discrimination

Every person is a unique and individual entity with their own preferences, interests, fears, and beliefs. There is value in all individuals and the contributions that they make to the families, workplaces, and communities. However, not all Californians find hospitable conditions when they enter new situations. In the realm of employment, many individuals face serious threats of discrimination from their colleagues and bosses, and in their corporate cultures.

What is workplace discrimination?

Discrimination happens when a person is treated differently, and often unjustly, because of a reason related to who they are. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there are a number of bases for discrimination in the workplace, which include but are not limited to race, religion, disability and age.

Discrimination can be overt or it may be deceptive. It does not have to be spoken words or physical actions directed at a victim. There are several different ways that discrimination can appear in a workplace and individuals who believe that they have suffered one or more of these types of discrimination can contact employment law attorneys in their communities.

  • Harassment: Creating a difficult or hostile work environment for an employee because of their sex, national origin, race, or other protected classification.
  • Retaliation: Firing or demoting an employee because of their age, gender information, or inclusion in another protected classification.
  • Denied work accommodation: Refusing to accommodate a worker whose disability or religion may require different work conditions than other employees.

Discrimination is a problem because it can cause employees to lose their jobs and feel unwelcome in their places of employment. It can create unfair working conditions for individuals and subject them to physical, mental, and emotional harm. It can be incredibly difficult for a victim of workplace discrimination to speak up when they have been hurt at work, but victims should know that legal options exist to help them out of their employment challenges.

Legal recourse

An employment law attorney who represents employee victims of discrimination can offer their client a compassionate and knowledgeable ear for listening and sound counsel on legal matters related to their problems. Attorneys cannot guarantee outcomes for their clients, but an employment law attorney can advise their client on what choices they have to pursue relief and what challenges they may face as they advance the client’s claim. An attorney can be a valuable asset for a victim of workplace discrimination as many deadlines can impact the processing of a claim and missing one can change the course of a victim’s options.

This post does not provide legal advice. Discrimination is a serious and detrimental problem in many California workplaces and employees should not have to face it alone. Those suffering in discriminatory places of employment can take control of their workplace problems by contacting trusted California employment law attorneys.

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