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Has your sexually harassing employer retaliated against you?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Sexual Harassment

You experienced sexual harassment at the office recently, and you filed a complaint. Perhaps you shot down your harasser. Either way, you suspect retaliation could be the source of your recent workplace woes.

To better determine your current circumstances, see what Chron says about examples of employer retaliation. Understand how to protect your rights and your peace of mind.

Preventing a promotion

Your history with the company proves that you can fill a more advanced role, yet a negative performance review or recommendation may block your promotion. Your harasser hold you back from advancing, which is harassment. Alternatively, the promotion may go to a less-experienced person rather than you.


Another form of retaliation is reassignment. Maybe you now have different job responsibilities, or perhaps you work in a new department. Reassignment becomes retaliation when the new job duties are degrading or well below your professional abilities. Your harasser may be your supervisor, one who attempts to make your new role as difficult as possible.

Hostile work environment

Before, you experienced sexual harassment, but now, you receive other forms of hostility at the office. A hostile work environment makes it hard for employees to focus on doing their jobs because of threatening behavior, ongoing sexual harassment or bullying.

Shut out

Do you feel intentionally isolated from your coworkers? A harassing manager may “forget” to send you an invitation to a company picnic or not call you in with your coworkers for a meeting. Part of your reassignment may be working far away from other people. Exclusion also takes the form of blocking employees from training seminars, workshops or anything else that keeps them from learning.

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