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How to document workplace harassment to strengthen your case

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | Workplace Harassment

You have a right to go to work each day in California without facing the threat of harassment, and there may be certain protections available to you if someone does subject you to harassment in the workplace. However, the strength of your case depends on your ability to gather and furnish evidence about the treatment you experienced, and there are certain things you may want to do to help document it.

According to Chron., you may want to do the following as you prepare to make your workplace harassment case.

Make thorough notes

You want to be able to show that the harassment you experience is an ongoing pattern. Document when and where it occurs. Note, too, if anyone else was present who might be able to serve as a witness later on. The more details you include about what occurred, the better.

Report the harassment internally

As a workplace harassment victim, consider also making a formal complaint internally. That way, there is a formal record of you notifying the employer about the behavior and giving him or her a chance to address it.

Contact the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

If the harassment you face at work is illegal in nature, consider reporting it to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This is a necessary step before you may file a lawsuit against your employer.

The steps you take in the aftermath of facing workplace harassment may play a big role in the outcome of your case if it winds up going to court. By covering these bases, you may be able to help yourself arrive at a more favorable outcome.

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