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How litigation can affect your sexual harassment claim

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Sexual Harassment

Litigation is the process of settling a dispute in a court of law. Victims of exploitation in the workplace often think that litigation is the best option for bringing a dangerous individual to justice and receiving fair compensation.

If you file a sexual harassment claim, it is only natural that you want your harasser to fully pay for emotional and professional damage brought upon you. However, it is important to understand how litigation can affect your overall case and when settlement could be the right choice.

You can litigate to fight for your desired outcome

Litigation may be a necessary course of action if the opposition denies your claim or attempts to offer a lowball amount of compensatory damages. If you build a strong case with overwhelming evidence in your favor, you can make sure that the offender does not get off the hook for their insidious behavior.

Settlement is a preferable solution in certain circumstances

As a claimant, you should understand that taking a matter to court without a strong defense can be a costly gamble. Legal advocation comes with certain costs and expenses, and you might not have a guarantee that you will win your case. Choosing to settle out of court can save you time and money, especially if the company offers reasonable compensation from the outset. In many cases, the company may be willing to negotiate a more favorable settlement to avoid the publicity of a trial.

Choosing to litigate or settle is a difficult decision when it comes to resolving your sexual harassment claim. The correct path for you will vary based on your circumstances and the elements in your favor.

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