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Were You Wrongfully Terminated From Your Job?

When employees report wrongdoing, including filing a sexual harassment claim or whistleblowing illegal activities, they often fear their employer will retaliate. California labor law protects employees, but that does not stop some employers from wrongfully terminating a worker.

For more than 25 years, Teren Law Group has advocated for the rights of employees in the greater Los Angeles area. Our founding lawyer, Ms. Pamela Teren, offers fierce advocacy and personalized solutions. Having previously worked representing employers, she knows firsthand how employers approach wrongful termination cases, giving you more complete legal representation.

At-Will Employment

California is an “at-will” employment state for most employees. This allows employers to terminate their employees at any time, without advance notice. Employees who are under contract will likely have greater protections from a sudden firing, but all other workers are subject to the whims of their employer. Therefore, for a firing to be a wrongful termination, unless the employee can prove they had an enforceable contract, the employer must have violated an employee’s rights.

One caveat to this point is when an employee has an “implied contract.” Implied contracts are not written, but are legally binding. They are present if an employee has been led to believe that the job would last for a certain period or if the employee understood they would not be fired without cause. Those workers who can demonstrate an implied contract have additional legal protections. However, when employees sign “at-will agreements,” which are very commonly demanded by employers, the at-will agreement will defeat a claim that the employee had an implied contract.

What Terminations Are Wrongful?

While employers have some latitude when terminating employees, there are exceptions that protect workers. When an employer violates one of these exceptions, the employee can file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Instances of unlawful termination may include instances when an employer fires a worker for:

We’ll Find The Right Solution For You

Since 1990, we have devoted our practice to representing employees when their employer commits a wrongful act. We will thoughtfully analyze your case to determine if a settlement is the right option for you. If negotiations break down or a settlement offer is inadequate, we are always ready to go to court on your behalf.

To learn whether you can file a wrongful termination lawsuit or to get answers to your questions, schedule a free case evaluation with our attorney. Call our Redondo Beach office 310-870-0375 or send your inquiries via email.