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Free Case Evaluations Available Call Us Now At 310-870-0375

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Strong Legal Advocacy In The Workplace & In The Courtroom

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California offers employers a broad, diverse pool of qualified employees. State and federal regulations are in place to help ensure each person has a fair chance at getting a job, earning a promotion and receiving fair treatment at work. When supervisors or co-workers actively discriminate a person’s race or national origin, Teren Law Group strongly advocates for their rights.

Our founding attorney, Pamela Teren, has practiced employment law exclusively since 1990. By devoting our practice to this area of law, we know how to establish strong arguments while developing an unparalleled understanding of ethnic discrimination. We will help you prove employment discrimination, both in and out of court. Our knowledge allows you to obtain justice and help prevent future unlawful behavior at your workplace.

Understanding Racial And National Origin Discrimination

Race discrimination and national origin discrimination share similarities. However, state and federal employment law treats them separately. A worker’s race is closely tied to their national origin. This can lead to a worker mistakenly filing the wrong type of discrimination.

Racial discrimination in the workplace focuses solely on the distinct physical characteristics of an employee, such as their skin color. National origin applies to the country where an employee was born. It also may include the country of origin of ancestors or a spouse.

Employers cannot discriminate against you or impose negative consequences simply because of your race or national origin. If you have experienced any of the following situations while at work, you may have a discrimination claim:

  • Certain racial groups are favored during hiring and promotion periods
  • Fewer career opportunities and benefits for racial minorities
  • Subjected to demotion, suspension or termination without cause

Making Sure Your Voice Is Heard

All forms of discrimination, including racial and national origin discrimination, negatively impact an employee’s career and livelihood and creates emotional distress. We are here to treat your case with care and empower you to fight back against these injustices.

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