Entrust Your Case To A Trusted Attorney

If you've been the victim of workplace discrimination or harassment, standing up to your employer can be scary. Is protecting your employee rights worth a legal battle?

The answer is yes — especially if you have a highly experienced attorney on your side. At Teren Law Group, we bring more than 25 years of legal experience to each case. Our firm's attorney, Pamela Teren, has been consistently recognized as one of the top employment law attorneys in Southern California. She has earned accolades from major publications including Los Angeles magazine, and she often receives referrals from court personnel and even opposing counsel.

Client Success Starts With Personalized Attention

Ms. Teren, enjoys a high rate of success for her clients, with more than 90 percent of cases resolved favorably. No lawyer can guarantee an outcome in individual cases, but we can guarantee that you and your legal issue will be treated with the care, attention and skill that you deserve. It all begins with personalized attention and clear communication, which are major hallmarks of Teren Law Group

We can also guarantee that we will take the approach that is most appropriate to your needs and goals. In some cases, a settlement may be preferable to litigation. But if the settlement offer is too low or the other party refuses to negotiate in good faith, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial.

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