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Free Case Evaluations Available Call Us Now At 310-870-0375

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Strong Legal Advocacy In The Workplace & In The Courtroom

Fighting Back Against Discrimination In The Workplace

If you’re like most Americans, your job is an important part of your identity. Therefore, when your employment is threatened or harmed by discrimination, it’s not just a matter of money. It’s personal.

Unfortunately, workplace discrimination can be difficult to prove. That’s why you need the help of a skilled employment law attorney. Our attorney, Pamela Teren, has more than 25 years of legal experience, and our firm’s practice focuses exclusively on employment law.

Discrimination Against Protected Classes Is Illegal

In order for your case to be actionable, the discrimination must be based on a protected class. We represent Southern California employees who have faced nearly every kind of illegal discrimination, including:

  • Race or national origin discrimination
  • Gender/sex discrimination
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Religion discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Veteran status discrimination

In addition to showing that the discrimination was based on a protected class, you also need to demonstrate that you suffered an adverse employment action as the result of discrimination. This could include:

  • Being fired
  • Receiving a demotion or pay cut
  • Not getting hired for a job
  • Being passed over for a promotion (especially by a less-qualified candidate)
  • Consistently receiving undesirable work duties that no one else has been asked to take

Proving Discrimination In Employment

Employers are usually not required to explain their decisions around hiring, firing, promotions and demotions. Therefore, when allegations of discrimination are made, it is fairly easy for employers to cite other, legal reasons for their actions (whether or not they are true).

This is the problem that most discrimination claims are up against. That’s why it is critical to preserve and document evidence and pursue corroboration from co-workers. In many cases, our firm is able to help clients show that a variety of actions (large and small) fit a pattern of discriminatory attitudes and behaviors.

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