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What do you know about documenting workplace harassment?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | Workplace Harassment

Mistreated workers may not know whether they have a harassment case. Gathering evidence protects their rights and helps them understand their situation.

Chron explains how to prove workplace harassment. Employees deserve to know how to hold offenders responsible for their actions.

Employee handbook

Employee handbooks and office posters may define workplace harassment, and some companies have anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. Procedures let harassed workers know how to file a complaint and whom to inform about the situation.

Employee personnel files

Mistreated employees could access the offending worker’s personnel file after filing a complaint. The employee could have a history of harassment, disciplinary warnings and performance issues.


Victimized employees should take images of suggestive images and messages. Harassing workers may send menacing texts that become evidence. Those who suffer physical harm could take pictures of bruises or medical bills. Workplace mistreatment may affect a person’s mental health. A therapist’s treatment plans or medication prescriptions could serve as proof.

Witness statements

Co-workers may witness harassment. If they do, they could offer witness statements with their name and contact information. Offending employees may not care who sees the harm they inflict, or they may harass several employees.

Time off work

Employees may have difficulty going to work every day after suffering harassment. It helps to keep track of how much time they take off because of mistreatment. It also makes sense to note when and where harassment happens.

Workers deserve a stress-free workplace where they can work in peace. When work environments or employees become hostile, solid evidence builds a strong case.

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