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4 signs a firing involved wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Wrongful Termination

In the world of employment, termination is an inevitable aspect that can occur for various reasons.

However, there are instances when an employee may believe their termination was unjust.

1. Abrupt dismissal without warning

One clear sign of potential wrongful termination is an abrupt dismissal without any prior warning or indication of performance issues. In a just work environment, employers typically provide employees with constructive feedback and an opportunity to improve before taking such a drastic step.

2. Disparate treatment compared to peers

Another red flag is when an employee notices that their termination stands out compared to the treatment of other colleagues. If coworkers who exhibit similar performance issues or violations receive lesser consequences or do not face termination, it may signal potential unfairness.

3. Retaliation following complaints

A termination shortly after raising concerns about workplace issues may indicate retaliation. Employees have the right to voice concerns about harassment, discrimination or other unethical practices without fear of reprisal. A termination following such complaints could be indicative of an employer attempting to silence dissent rather than addressing the underlying issues.

4. Lack of documentation on performance issues

Employers typically maintain thorough documentation of an employee’s performance issues. Wrongful termination may be at play when an employee’s termination happens without any documented evidence of poor performance or violation of company policies.

Of the charges the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received in 2022, 63.7% involved discharge. Being aware of signs of wrongful termination can empower employees to seek redress and encourage employers to uphold fairness in the workplace.

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