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Signs of religious discrimination at work

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2023 | Discrimination

Religious discrimination in the workplace can create a hostile environment for employees. It can also hinder their ability to express themselves. Employees should recognize the signs of religious discrimination and take appropriate steps to address and prevent such behavior.

There are a few common signs of religious discrimination at work.

Unequal treatment and policies

One sign of religious discrimination is different treatment based on religious backgrounds. This can manifest in various ways. Unequal treatment may involve biased decision-making in promotions, assignments or job opportunities. You may find that employers have established religious accommodations. When those accommodations exclude those of any religion, that could also be discriminatory.

Offensive comments or jokes

Religious discrimination can also be subtle. It includes individuals making offensive comments or jokes based on someone’s religious beliefs. These remarks can create a hostile work environment. As a result, employees may feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.

Exclusion from opportunities

Another sign of religious discrimination is excluding individuals from professional opportunities or social events. This includes exclusion from meetings, team-building activities or company-sponsored events. When religious beliefs fuel exclusionary practices, that is discriminatory.

Disproportionate workload

You may also experience discrimination with unfair workload distribution. This can lead to stress, burnout and a negative impact on work-life balance. Employers should ensure the fair distribution of work based on skills and position.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported 2,111 claims of religious discrimination in the workplace in 2021. The more you know about the signs of discrimination, the easier it is to fight it.

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