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What industries face the most sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2023 | Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue that affects employees across various industries. However, some industries report higher instances of such behavior due to their work environment, culture or power dynamics.

Recognizing which industries face the most challenges with sexual harassment can help in understanding the breadth of this issue and the need for comprehensive preventive measures.

Hospitality and food service

The hospitality and food service industry, including hotels, restaurants and bars, often sees a high rate of sexual harassment. In fact, 90% of female restaurant employees and 70% of men reported that they are regularly hit on while at work.

These experiences are partly due to the customer-facing nature of the work. The tipping culture can also contribute to this issue, as employees may feel compelled to tolerate harassment to ensure they receive tips.


The retail industry is another sector with significant reports of sexual harassment. Retail workers can experience harassment from both customers and colleagues. The high turnover rate and the prevalence of part-time or temporary workers can also contribute to a work environment where harassment goes unreported or unaddressed.


Healthcare is a field where sexual harassment gets reported frequently and particularly affects nurses and other frontline staff. The high-stress environment, long hours and hierarchical structure can contribute to instances of harassment. The intimate nature of healthcare work can also blur the lines of professional conduct.

Entertainment and media

The entertainment and media industry is often in the spotlight for sexual harassment. This industry often involves power imbalances, where people in positions of authority can exploit their status, leading to harassment.

Everyone deserves a safe and respectful work environment, and addressing the issue of sexual harassment is a key step toward achieving this goal.

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